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by windymillar on November 11, 2016
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B7 Media/Big Finish Productions : Available for Pre Order - https://www.bigfinish.com/ranges/coming_soon_reverse/dan-dare

Each generation has its Dan Dare revival. The enduring hero and his arch nemesis The Mekon return this Christmas in three Dan Dare Audio Adventures featuring a strong cast and a full soundscape.

Dan Dare Audio Adventures

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This first volume contains three stories  : Voyage to Venus, The Red Moon Mystery and finally Marooned on Mercury.

Inspired by original broadcasts from the 1950s it is serialised in 15 minute segments – surely with a suspense filled ending to keep the Pause button at bay. This desire to remain faithful to the spirit of the original but refreshed for the current generation should delight old fans and new.

Voyage To Venus

All the key characters are present and correct with Episode 1 featuring of course The Mekon. Men are from Earth, The Mekon is from Venus, so we find out in the first adventure “Voyage to Venus”.

Dan and team set off to pilot a brand new ship, the Anastasia, to Venus following the trail of seemingly friendly transmissions from the planet. However, as we may suspect, what they find when they get there may prove to be less than friendly and ultimately put at risk the whole existence of Earth.


The Red Moon Mystery

We won’t know what happened on Venus until December. What we do know is that in Episode 2 “The Red Moon Mystery”, Dan and team are unable to return to Earth. Instead they head to Mars. There they find the base of an archaeological reasearch team, abandoned, wrecked and Dan’s Uncle Ivor missing. What they do find is an army of deadly insect like creatures that are intent on destroying the Earth. Can Dan stop the invasion? Are the deadly insects intelligent? Can Dan justify killing the attacking aliens to save his own planet?


Marooned on Mercury

Having survived the adventures of Venus and Mars, the Anastasia races to Mercury to aid an old friend only to find that an old foe has taken hold. Yes, The Mekon returns and is intent on reeking revenge on Dan and his episode 1 homeworld, Venus.


Mmmm, wonder what happened on Venus. But we will need to wait until December 2016 to find out. With more goodness to come in Volume 2 and three more stories in February 2017 it looks like Dan, Digby and friends will be here to delight our ears for a while.

Until then we will make do with a taste of what is to come with the Dan Dare Trailer.

Dan Dare Audio Adventures Volume 1 - Trailer

Where to find…

Available to pre-order from Big Finish : https://www.bigfinish.com/releases/v/dan-dare-volume-01-1552



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